A Bar of Soap Will Treat The Leg Cramps!

This remedy takes two minutes to work for restless leg syndrome and night cramps. I’m not going to explain what causes night cramps Russell’s leg syndrome. This is a remedy that might cost you fifty cents or a dollar for a whole year and it’s something that you can get at any grocery store and you’ve probably already got it in your house. So, what is this fantastic remedy?

I’m not the one who discovered this thing I heard about it a couple years ago but I was just looking up leg cramps and I saw all these testimonials and research, not doctor research. But people have compiled anecdotal reports of people saying Yes! This works. What you do is you put a bar of soap. Now use a fresh bar of soap that’s something that you find dried up in your medicine cabinet somewhere. You take a fresh bar soap it doesn’t matter really apparently what kind of bar of soap it is because I’ve read reports of dial and ivory and dove and many of the kinds of soaps working so it doesn’t matter that much what kind of soap.

You just want to start with a fresh bar soap and put it between your sheets. It’s also apparently worked so because some people say it does is if you just put it under your bottom sheet and people have put it in a sock and stuck it in their sheets too and that works as long as if the soap can kind of breath.

Why it works?
This strange soap trick has been tried by more than 42% of people who suffer from leg cramps or restless leg syndrome, and they all claim that it works!
There’s a theory behind why it works. The theory is that the soap releases ions and after a couple months when the soap starts to dry out on the surface, it’s no longer releasing those ions. So, what you want to do is take a serrated kitchen knife or a heavy comb that’s not going to break and just score that this thing to get a new surface on it and start all over again.

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