Bizarre Home Remedies From Our Grandparents That Actually Work!

As kids when we used to watch our grandmas doing home remedies, we though they didn’t work but sometimes, they seemed to worked as a perfect fix. So we present you some of those remedies that you can easily do at home and they are guaranteed to work perfectly!


Lemons for Earache

Lemons can be used to treat ear ache. The procedure is to squeeze a lemon and just pop it into the ear and that will treat your earache in no time. This is because lemon balances the pH levels in the ears which make the pain go away in no time.


Baking Soda for a Urinary Tract Infection

For the treatment of UTI symptoms quickly, add a sprinkling of baking soda into water. It will work perfectly as it will alkalize the bladder and prevent the bacteria from multiplying.


Celery for Bad Breath

For bad breath, chew some celery and the bad breath won’t be a problem anymore!


Olives for Motion Sickness

Olives are enriched with tannins. They refrain the excessive production of saliva, which is a common symptom of motion sickness. So get yourself a cup of juicy olives to normalize the situation.


Raisins for Arthritis

Raisins are perfect for arthritis treatment. You must’ve heard your grandparents suggesting soaking golden raisins overnight in a couple of spoonfuls of gin.

Raising are enriched with vitamins and the juniper berries have powerful and effective anti-inflammatory contents. So, this is perfect for the treatment of arthritis and swelling bones.

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