She Poured Listerine On A Cotton Ball And Then Rubbed Her Armpits. After A Few Minutes The Results

Get rid of fleas on the dog

When your dog gets fleas, you may hesitate to use a harsh pesticide treatment on him. For a more natural solution to your problem, try a mixture of Listerine mouthwash and water. The Listerine gets rid of fleas on the dog, and can also be used to kill fleas on the household spaces where they may have spread.


Eliminate garbage odors

Pour 1/2 a cup of Listerine down your garbage disposal to get rid of odors. … Soak a paper towel in Listerine and put it at the bottom of your trash can to help eliminate kitchen odors. Add a cup of Listerine to a load of laundry to kill germs as well as clean your washing machine (use with your regular detergent).


Fight underarm bacteria and odor

For this reason, many people used the Listerine only for what was created, until now … Sometimes you need deodorant, but you’re out … you can fortunately use Listerine to eliminate the smell of sweat! Simply place a few drops on a cotton ball and gently scrub your armpits.


Soothes bug bites and itchiness

Dab Listerine on the bug bites to relieve the itchiness. It is extremely helpful against poison ivy or poison oak stings.


Clean the toilet

Pour some Listerine in a bowl and use a toothbrush to scrub the toilet and make it white and fresh-smelling. It might seem like you are throwing money down the toilet, but Listerine can actually clean and deodorize your bowl.

All you have to do is pour a little in and use your toilet brush to give things a light scrub.

The Examiner writes, “Not only will it clean your toilet, but it will also give it a great shine and a good smell.

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