We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!

Blood types and transfusions:

AB is can receive blood from all types, but give only to AB.

A can receive blood from type A or O, but gives only to A or AB.

B can receive blood from type B or O, but donates only to B or AB.

O can only receive from type O, but donate to all types

There is also such thing as universal donors, which are usually people with type O RH D negative blood type. On the other hand, all those with type AB RH D positive are universal recipients.


Plasma compatibility:

AB can receive plasma from AB, but give to all blood types

A can receive plasma from A and AB, but donate only to A and O.

B can receive plasma from B and AB, but only give to B and O.

O is the universal plasma receiver, but can only donate plasma to O.

The blood type O’s plasma contains anti-A and anti-B antibodies which can be only donated to O recipients. On the flipside, AB plasma can be donated to all blood types, since it doesn’t contain neither anti-A nor anti-B antibodies.

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