Why Did I Never Know This? Have Been Doing My Hair The Wrong Way All This Time

Women have a hard time dealing with their hair. Those long hair do look good but they need care and daily treatment. It’s not that easy to look after those long hair. Without care they become rough and sticky. They don’t look shiny and good.

So women wake up early in the morning and take some timeout to treat their hair. If they don’t take care of their hair, they become rough and brushing them every day for some time is painstaking procedure. So this process of brushing hair every morning becomes boring over time.

Most of us just wanna be in the bed for a little more time. It’s like a feeling every morning that it would be awesome to have 5 more minutes of sleep and we end up sleeping again. So brushing the hair every morning is a real pain in the ass for people who are just too lazy to get up in the morning.

But like everything, hair can also be easy to manage if some simple tips and tricks are followed. So there are some tips discussed below that are really easy and interesting. Following them can save your time in the morning. Well, Yes! You can spend some more time in the valley of dreams for some much more time.

So here are some tricks from Kayley Melissa check out her channel on Kayley Melissa.

Today I’ll tell you about the five minute ponytail routine. I’m gonna show you guys all the tricks that I use to make my ponytail look amazing in just five minutes.

And you can use all of these tricks or just some of these tricks depending on what you want to do. Without these tricks my ponytail is kind of limp.


The top is really heavy. The ponytail is limp and then it’s saggy underneath the ponytail holder. None of those things are good.

So I’m gonna show you all the tricks that I use and I can do this in five minutes every time. And to prove it, I’m actually gonna time myself through this whole tutorial.

So, let’s get started. So the first thing I’m going to do is split my hair in half from the ears up and I’m going to clip the top half out of the way. That way we can deal with all the hair at the bottom first.

So after you have that top hair clipped up, brush the bottom hair into its own ponytail and you want that ponytail to rest right against the part from our section. Once you have that nice and tight, go ahead and secure it with an elastic. One of the big reasons that I like to do it this way is so that I don’t have any sagginess underneath my ponytail. If you keep that nice and tight it makes your ponytail look more elevated and actually a little bit more voluminous. So I like to pull that nice and tight, so that there’s absolutely nothing going on there that I don’t want.

To finish out the bottom ponytail I’m taking a little claw clip and splitting the ponytail in half. Then I’m going to take the top half and hold it straight up and clip the little claw into it. And that way, it actually helps to add volume and width to your ponytail. And it’s going to be hidden underneath all the rest of the hair, so you don’t have to worry about this being really obvious.

So here’s the before and the after. You can see there is no saggy bottom on the after and you can kind of see a little bit of that lift starting in the ponytail as well. And now it’s time to let the top down. And what I’m going to do first, is actually tease the crown of my head just a little bit.

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